August 16, 2023

Lucia Zelesco, is the founder and CEO of Zelesco Consulting a visionary boutique marketing agency and a strategic empowerer, exerting her existence into tailoring an environment of vibrant productivity in Australia’s excitingly expanding female space of entrepreneurship.

Today, women make up only 30% of all business owners in Australia. According to the Australian Government-workplace gender equality Agency, there is still a staggering gender pay gap of an average of 13.3%, and on average, a woman would have to work an extra 59 days to come out with the same pay as some men in the same industry. Despite this, women are still more likely to self-fund the beginning of their business rather than secure a business loan, one main reason being because of grant refusal. This is the news that Lucia is helping to finally bring an end to.

Currently, her fireball team is preparing for their largest Melbourne-based event yet. Dream Big Women’s Empowering Event on June 21st. It’s structured to “uplift, inspire, and nurture” women entering the business scene while equipping them with resources and connections to help them take off and hit the ground running. With prominent foundations and business owners featured as key speakers such as Zed Nasheet from Zed Real Estate and Suzy Accardi from Intimo, inspiration is sure to pour concrete in their cups (Fill them up with solid motivation) and share the liberation of full-body empowerment.

In 2022, Lucia was a finalist for the Female Entrepreneur Award with the Melbourne Business Network and was nominated for the City Of Yarra Community Award the very same year.

She’s been the feature of the Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Advertiser and more and worked with prestigious names such as Bendigo Bank, Simple Group, NAB, Snowy Mountain & hundreds of small businesses around Australia and the world. She’s boosted millions of dollars of revenue during numerous branding revamps so the value to be gained by attending this event and working with Lucia is monumental.

A percentage of the Dream Big event proceeds will be donated to a wonderful local grassroots charity It’s The Little Things Community, which cooks up and provide wholesome home-style meals and acts of kindness to vulnerable, displaced and disadvantaged people in their community including domestic abuse victims, the homeless and families with seriously ill children.

Secure your tickets to her first groundbreaking event here //www.empoweringwomensevents.com.au/

At Zelesco’s Consulting, the aim is to empower more women to be successful entrepreneurs making our economy and society a stronger place. Facing the historical battle for a fair game, Lucia deploys laughter, fun, relaxation, futuristic thinking, and understanding with gumption throughout her enterprise. By creating a safe and loving culture for people to enter, the energy that would have otherwise been wasted on ill emotions can be focused on your business goals.

“I always say if you’re not smiling, you’re fired”, She jokes with an undertone of sweet importance that’s brewed from compassion for her team.

In just one month, Lucia was able to help King Fisher Tree Services rank at the top of SEO which raised their revenue so much they bought another business.

Taking action to relieve the pressures women face and feel that notoriously recede desired progress, her approach to getting women to think more profoundly and more extraordinarily about their ideas energises the marketing industry with an honest passion that flairs within a family-style workforce.

Lucia explains, “Women are struggling, and they don’t have that seat at the table. And so what happens is they have a scarcity mindset. So they often feel that they need to compete with the other woman because they are suffering and having a hard time, so we just want to foster these new thoughts that are coming out more and more. Collaboration over competition is what is all about, and we can all uplift each other. There are enough opportunities; we live in an abundant world”.

Lucia grew up accompanying her Father on business trips and meetings. Making eye contact and even light conversation with others was an insurmountable challenge when she was younger. Observing the ins and outs of how his business worked filled her brain with her innovative ideas, met by one obstacle.

University brought more boredom with its outdated coursework (5 years behind the real world), which was the tipping point of her fast-tracked self-development. From being a bedroom business to a river-view city office, Lucia not only managed to shake the shackles of her shyness by stepping out with her ancestral-rooted compulsion to help others to be better. Only by throwing herself into uncomfortable positions was she able to tease out the strong leader she is today managing a team of up to 20, sitting on three boards as a director, winning awards, being featured across the national media many times and now starting two more businesses designed to uplift more women in business.

She beames with bold accomplishment, “People today actually wouldn’t believe me, I was that shy, and through business, I could really push myself, set challenges and set goals, and because I just love helping people so it came naturally. It was just through exposure. I just feel that if you have something that you’re not sure how to do or you feel uncomfortable, just expose yourself to that as much as possible. And then, all of a sudden, I went from a complete introvert to almost a complete extrovert. I just worked through it.”

Lucia’s innocent craving to get above and beyond results for her clients soon rose above any hesitations not to pursue more significant business. Her will to see through her desire and purpose quashed the ‘shy girl’ feelings with the stamp of importance, and life has never been the same since. Zelesco Consulting met a pandemic BOOM which saw business triple, now allowing room for Lucia to teach her business secrets to success in mass volume. Women’s eyes, wild with ambition, coruscate as Lucia fills them with the determination that was exemplary to her.

She guides women into the safe space of being themselves enough to let that flow into their work in her monthly hosted Set Your Soul on Fire workshops that sees female founders congregate in one venue to connect as friends before competitors. They abandon the ‘money is the goal objective,’ and dress brightly inspired by Frida Karlo, who used her pain and suffering to drive female success. Guest speakers talk on a set topic, encouraging breakthroughs through open thinking while networking, and most importantly having memorable fun. Being relaxed enough to allow your dreams to be fulfilled is vital, as Lucia knows from her path of succession.

These smaller intimate workshops then feed into her bigger goals at Empowering Women’s Event to fill a room full of top successful businesswomen and executives from around Australia. Showing them that anything truly is possible! All you need to do is to Dream Big and then work out the little steps, with the right support, the right mentors and the right tools and technology anything truly is possible. There are only a few more tickets left to grab for the event. Hurry book your ticket today:


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