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At Zelesco Consulting, we aim to be the solution to all your digital marketing problems. By forging human relationships, we create a loyal market and ensure success for the businesses we serve


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The Power of Visionary Marketing

Today’s market is diverse, and so are the needs of potential customers. A business needs to stand in its authenticity and add value to its products/services to stand out from the rest. At Zelesco Consulting, we analyse your target market, understand your buyer persona, and develop solutions that’ll easily communicate your brand’s values to them.

With close to 10 years of experience, we have worked with various professional services, businesses in the energy sector, non-profit organisations, B corp companies, tradies, and more. Trust us to build your brand.


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Reach the top search results and drive more traffic to your site with our search engine optimisation services.

Facebook & Google Ads

Increase clickthrough rates and boost conversions with Facebook and Google ads. Our ad campaigns communicate your brand’s message to prospective clients.


Social Media Marketing

Attract, educate, engage, and convert followers into brand advocates with Zelesco’s social media marketing services.


Reduce bounce rate and increase conversions with our responsive web designs. We understand your vision for the site and create one that suits your business.


Make your brand stand out from the rest with our branding strategies. We help you showcase your authentic voice to prospects.


Attract prospects through creative and vibrant graphic designs. Our experts understand your brand’s essence and add an artistic touch to get effective results.

E-mail & Direct Marketing

Add a personal touch to your marketing with Zelesco Consulting. We help you craft custom messages and deliver them promptly to your target market.


Minimise downtime and maximise efficiency with our state-of-the-art technology solutions. Our technical experts are here to help you resolve your issues.


Connect with existing and potential customers quickly and enhance engagement with our apps. Let us help you build your brand.

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