How to Double your Website SALES
October 25, 2021

So you have a website with amazing information, it looks great and you provide a much better product or service than your competition.

But your website is also not selling your product, no one is buying. If you are in this position, then you have the wrong tool for the job. You don’t need a website, you need a SALES converting website.

The difference is – A sales converting websites closes deals and makes you money.

At Zelesco Consulting we are experts in this and we want to share with you some tips on how to do it. But firstly, you need to shift your thinking from worrying about clicks to thinking about sales and conversions.

To be brutally honest, you could have 1 million clicks, but if people don’t buy anything and you need sales, then you need to convert those clicks into sales and cash.

5 tips  – To increase Digital Sales by 100%

1 – Phone Number at the Top of your Website

To maximise conversions, one of the easiest and most effective things you can do is to put a phone number up the top of your website.

In 2021, the majority of online search is now via mobile. If someone hits your site and they cannot see a phone number, they will simply click off and you just lost a sale.

  • Get your phone number top of the page – Ideally top right.
  • Set up a “Call to Action” button. Depending on your industry, this may be to book a meeting/call/appointment.

See below how we did it on our website.

put phone number at the upper-right corner of the website

2 – Responsive Website

Today it’s imperative that your website works across all platforms. Otherwise you will lose prospects and sales.

A responsive website is one that works on PC, Phone, Tablet and Laptops.

Imagine if your website did not work on mobile phone and only PC? Over 50% of people who search websites are now doing it via mobile, you will miss 50% of your total market!

This is especially important for industries that are phone search heavy like plumbers, mechanics or tow truck operators. If someone’s car breaks down, the first thing they will often do is a Google search, then call. If your website does not work on mobile, in some industries you could miss 70-80%+ of the search volume.

responsive web page

3 – Website Structure

You need to make sure your website is structured correctly, this is important so people can easily navigate the website.

Get it wrong and it will cost you sales, people may simply think they are in the wrong place and click off.

For example,

  • Imagine you sold both cars and trucks. Now imagine on your website, both the Car and Truck section is mixed in together. Or imagine they are both on the same page. For a buyer of a car, if you mixed the truck information in with it, it would be confusing and detract from the key car selling points.  
  • Or imagine an Accounting firm putting personal tax services and large business tax services on the same page of a website. If an individual wanted a tax return done and they saw on the page you are providing tax services to large companies, they may assume you’re too expensive and click off.

These problems can easily be overcome, but the right site structure is required to do this. Get it right and website leads will flow in, get it wrong and you may get a donut a big fat 0!

4 – Live chat

Live Chat is a useful tool to capture people’s contact information that can then be used to turn them into a lead and sale.

It’s generally run one of two ways, by directly answering questions which is monitored by a human or automatically via a script.

One – Directly answering enquiries:

Some companies monitor their website live chat 24/7, using it to answer questions to close sales. This can help to potentially close off a sale then and there.

This is especially useful for talking to potential overseas clients, anyone who cannot speak english well or people who are just reluctant to call. For example, a single mum calling a trade company because she does not have the confidence to talk to them. Live chat can solve this problem.

I have also personally seen a lot of sales closed in real estate from wealthy Asian buyers who prefer to chat via the live chat than a phone call. Companies can either run this inhouse or get someone overseas to monitor it with a script 24/7.

Two – Capture Lead Details:

Often live chat will just pop up with a question for a website visitor so you can capture there details, so you don’t need to monitor it 24/7!

For example, “Hello, what’s your name and number? How can I help you?”

The busiest time for the internet is between 6-11pm, if someone gets online at 10pm they rarely will call you as it’s too late. But they may engage with the live chat. If so, it’s your opportunity to ask them a questions and then capture there details, you can then call them the next day.


Live chat is an often underutilised cheap tool, even if it only generates you one extra sale every two months, if that’s 6 sales a year in many industries that could be tens of thousands. Not bad for something you can set up that can runs automatically!

live chat

5 – Call to Actions!

What is a Call to Action? Well it’s exactly what the name says, It’s calling someone to act!

On a website, you need to firstly have content and then secondly have a way for people to get on with it and buy, get a quote, sign-up or call.

You want these to stand out and for the Call to Action to compel them to act in the easiest way possible to buy your product or service.

There’s no point in people getting onto your website and then not going the next step and buying from you.


  • Bold – Colours and Font
  • Advantages – Clearly show the advantage of engaging
  • Make it easy to find – Don’t hide the sign up button at the bottom of the page!
  • Professional – Also, try to keep it professional. I know a girl in a bikini would stand out, but if your an accounting firm is that really a good idea? Probably not.

Those were just a few of our top tips to increase conversions on your website. At Zelesco Consulting  we have worked with many businesses to increase their conversions and help them increase sales by 100%+ and fast!

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