Signs that Mark the Time to Rebrand
October 10, 2022
No matter how well-known a business is, as your company grows and you pivot with the times, it will eventually need to be rebranded. Hitting milestones may indicate it is time to rebrand the company. On the other hand, there is no value in changing the business name every year so be careful of how you do this.


Why rebrand?

The goal of rebranding is to change your company’s image. The main goal is to develop a new logo for your company to make it stand out and resonate with your customers. Rebranding can be accomplished in a variety of ways.


But what part needs to change? 

Some business owners may be hesitant to rebrand because it might be costly. However, rebranding is frequently required and highly beneficial; it can serve as a rebirth, renewal, refresh, or change in the face of the business and a change in how you position and differentiate your brand in the market and pitch your company.

Here are some of the most common indicators you should consider rebranding and everything you need to know about rebranding.


The visuals are faded and weakened.

This is a common question when organisations and brands have been operating for a long time. They become old and stale, and the most significant problem is that this is frequently the impression left in the consumer’s mind. It could indicate that a company or brand is stuck in the past and isn’t developing or keeping up with the times. It may or may not require a complete overhaul but merely a modern infusion to keep it current.


Customers don’t recognise your value proposition.

This is also a common occurrence. Your company’s logo, website, and marketing materials no longer reflect who and what it is today. There is a separation since they are incoherent.

Internal marketers and sales teams will have a difficult time representing the brand. It’s also possible that your clients are perplexed and don’t understand what your company or brand is all about. Any brand’s worst enemy is confusion.

You should redesign if your current brand no longer accurately represents your company.


Innovation has changed the marketplace.

Businesses have ‘carried over’ logos from one industry to another. So I reasoned that because I had already paid for it, I may as well reuse it.

Be wary of the brand! Adopting a cookie-cutter approach to all logos is fueling issues and dangers. Logos and brands should reflect a brand and its various audiences, their requirements, language, and expectations — using a cookie-cutter approach to all logos fuels concerns and risks.

Suppose your company/brand is forced to relocate into a new industry due to unforeseen circumstances. In that case, it’s time to rebrand because it’s a whole new audience that will necessitate an entirely new brand creation and strategy.


You’ve lost control of the brand image.

This is also extremely frequent in the early stages of a firm. They only have enough funds to get the business up and going. Frequently, the logo/brand is the last thing to be designed. Worse, there aren’t enough dollars to invest, so it’s outsourced to a friend’s young relative or sites like 99designs, Fiverr, or E-lancer.

As a result, you’ll have a brand that looks good but doesn’t mean anything. These logos consist of nothing more than words or a form on a page. There is no strategy, uniqueness, purpose, or personality in this brand. Customers will not understand or desire to support this brand. Rather than a meaningful and recognisable identity, it’s just a visual.

Yes, it’s time to invest in a genuine rebrand by specialists who truly understand branding and can bring your brand to life in significant and effective ways as soon as your company can afford it.


You are changing your business structure.

This is more common in larger businesses. When two companies merge under a new banner, some companies retain some previous logo/brand, but this rarely works.

The problem is that two separate teams, cultures, messages, marketing materials, and so on, must come together.

In any merger, strive to accomplish the same for your new brand and business. Rather than a makeover, this should be a completely new brand.

If your company is experiencing these, it’s time to think about a rebranding or even a whole new brand. We recently conducted a brand identification study on behalf of one of our clients, and 80 per cent of those surveyed felt that their brand was tired, not modern, and didn’t do their firm any favours; a rebrand was required! Over 100 percent of the same audience felt that the new identity better reflected the organisation positively, modern way after the rebranding effort.


This is your sign to do some rebranding and pinch on your business, and we’re here to help!



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